Editors of “Studies in Politics and Society” inform that in order to counteract “ghostwriting”* and “guest authorship” appropriate procedures are implemented. “Ghostwriting” and “guest authorship”** are a sign of scientific misconduct, all detected cases will be denounced, including notification of involving responsible entities (the Authors’ employers, academic societies, associations of scientific editors etc.).

Collectively written papers should be accompanied by their Authors’ statement specifying their particular inputs in the paper (for example, which of them has authored the paper’s conception, assumptions, hypotheses, methodology etc. that have been used while preparing the paper).

*“Ghostwriting” - someone has made a substantial contribution to the publication, without revealing her/his participation as one of the authors or without mentioning of her/his role in the acknowledgments.

**“Guest authorship” (“honorary authorship”) - the share of the author is little or not at all occurs in the publication, and yet she/he is mentioned as the author (or co-author) of the publication.