Conference registration (see: registration form) deadline - April 20th, 2014 

Conference fee:

- The conference fee is set at 350 PLZ (app. 85 euro, which covers the costs of: conference materials, catering, and the monographs’ publishing) or at 480 PLZ (app. 118 euro, which is inclusive of accommodation)

- conference fee payment - May 15th, 2014. Rzeszów University Bank Name: Podkarpacki Bank Spółdzielczy Oddział w Rzeszowie,

  Bank account: IBAN PL 48 8642 1126 2012 1119 9353 0001 with description: "partnerships-political science"


- Papers submission/publication procedure:

Articles, prepared by the participants on the basis of their conference papers, may be published in one of the two volumes – depending on the language of the article – i.e. either in a volume edited in Polish or in a volume edited in English (in the latter case please note that the conference organizers do not guarantee proof-reading of the articles submitted, which is their authors’ responsibility). The decision to publish the submitted articles will depend upon their positive reviews by external reviewers.

Dealine for papers submission - 30th June 2014

Guidelines: /uploadUC/Konferencje/References.docx 

Please note that the organizers will accept for reviewing and publishing only those papers that will have been delivered during the conference proceedings.