Institute of Political Science at the University of Rzeszów and Society for Journalistic Studies invite to participate in the Conference "The editorial line and journalistic freedom", Rzeszów, 23-24 April 2018..    
The languages of the Conference will be Polish and English
The organizers of the Conference suggest a discussion around the following issues:
Meaning of the editorial line in relations to the activities of journalists.
The importance of the editorial line for journalistic freedom in modern media.
The editorial line and the mediatization of politics.
Models of democracy and models of journalism.
Roles of journalists in a democratic society
Political commitment of public and commercial media.
Ethical and legal dilemmas of the political commitment of the media.
The importance of social media in disputes and political campaigns.
Participation in the Conference, together with a summary of the research paper (150-200 words), takes to 16 March 2018 Dr Paweł Kuca at
Feedback to the authors of accepted submissions will be sent to 26 March 2018. The Conference fee of 300 PLN will be used for the publication costs, catering and the gala dinner on the first day of the Conference. The participants, who will bring the fee to 10 April 2018, will receive an invoice at the reception desk of the Conference. Conference fee please deposit to the account:
Towarzystwo Studiów Dziennikarskich
al. Rejtana 16 C, 35-959 Rzeszów
PL97 1240 4751 1111 0000 5513 3359
marked „Editorial line”,
the name of the participant of the Conference,
the full name and address of the represented organization. 
The expected start of the Conference on Monday 23 April at 12 am, ending on Tuesday 24 April at about 2 pm. The Conference will take place in the building A0 in the campus of the University of Rzeszów, ul. Rejtana 16.
Organizers recommend accommodation in the hotel „Prezydencki” close to the Conference site and offering reasonable prices. Reservation must be made by yourself at
Text of paper intended for publication and sent to 31 May 2018 shall not exceed a volume of 32,000 characters with spaces. Condition of the publication is to present a research paper at the Conference and to get two positive reviews. Classified texts will be published in the quarterly „Politics and Society” or “Journalism Reserach Review Quarterly”.  Editorial requirements are available at:
Partners of the Conference:
„Politics and Society”, „Journalism Research Review Quarterly”.
Detailed information will be available at
On behalf of the organizers:
Dr hab. Radosław Grabowski, prof. UR
Dr hab. Wojciech Furman, prof. em.
Dr Paweł Kuca
Dr Katarzyna M. Cwynar